News & Creative Awards

Each year, the Maine Association of Broadcasters honors the best of Maine broadcasting.

Congratulations to the winners of the MAB News and Creative Awards.  MAB gives these awards each year to member stations based on the judging results from state broadcast associations in other states.  With such a consistently high quality of submissions, the honorees are truly “the best of the best.”

Generally, the window for awards submissions each year runs from June 1 though May 31, with entries submitted by the second week of June.

Here are the lists of winners from recent years:

2018 ~ 20172016 ~ 2015  ~ 2014  ~  2013  ~ 2012  ~  2011 ~ 2010  ~  2009  ~  2008  ~  2007  ~  2006   ~   2005   ~   2004   ~   2003  ~  2002  ~  2001  ~  2000

Post from the Northern New England board at on 9/28/06 concerning the 2006 MAB awards:  “the MAB’s are judged by other professional broadcasters.  you know what?  being highly thought of by your peers is the kindest thing that will ever happen to a professional.  it’s great when an average listener/viewer enjoys what we do.  the more who do are usually reflected in the ratings.  but when one aspires to put some effort into a daily grind, and on that “one day/same day” the pieces fall nicely into place, and then is even considered “not sucky” by another who does the same thing, well that actually does provide some personal satisfaction.  we all know, all too well, that an MAB award does not mean anything of a physical substantive nature than the plaque, unless you got one of those rare “MAB Bonus” clauses in the contract.  but that plaque says (insert best Tim Sample/John MacDonald here) “hey, bunky… you did a wicked swell thing there, dear.”  and at the end of the day, having that personal satisfaction to reflect upon is not bad.  not bad at all.”  –With thanks and due credit to Erie_Lackawanna — I tried to ask your permission to re-use this but wasn’t allowed to see your profile for contact info. –SG

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