MAB stations embrace public service

Public service support is an everyday activity at MAB stations.

MAB Stations Have A Long History Of Public Service Involvement

Maine broadcasters donate more than $50 million per year in free announcements and fundraising assistance to nonprofit organizations and worthy causes in our state.  That’s an impressive achievement by any standard — but it’s just part and parcel of what broadcasters do, day in and day out.

Since broadcasting began, Maine stations have played a key role in bringing public service activities to the people of our state.

Some stations have run extensive on-air campaigns. Others have devoted hours of news time to public service organizations. Many broadcasters have participated in fund raisers, often in partnership with local public service organizations. Stations’ announcers and newscasters have frequently hosted public service events, and many stations have contributed significant amounts of money to public service organizations.

The bond between a broadcaster and the audience is strengthened by the presence of a strong public service component.

From the smallest local radio station, to the large, statewide television groups, to the MAB itself, Maine broadcasters are proud to be an integral part of public service activity in Maine.