MAB Convention-Circa 1964

The lobby sign says “17th Annual Meeting” of the MAB, so that would put this around 1964 or so. Lots of wood paneling at this venue, so cannot place where

WZON Remote-Back In The Day!

Well, here’s a scene all broadcasters can identify with! On location (not sure exactly WHERE this is) with a LIVE Broadcast. The esteemed sports broadcaster Dale Duff appearing for Stephen

WGAN-TV Tower-Tallest In The World-Back In The Day!

Check out the dedication of WGAN-TV’s (now WGME-TV)in Raymond, Maine–believe the year was 1959. According to the 1999 Guiness Book of World Records, the nearly 500 meter tower (1,619 feet)

Maine’s “Lobster Network”-In 1950’s

Well, this was taken at a Golf Course (you can see the green/flagstick through the window)–but I’m not sure which one. A few “legacy” Maine AM Stations–WFAU-AM-Augusta, WCOU-AM-Lewiston and WLOB-AM-Portland.

Lookout! The FCC Is In Town! Back In The Day

When the Feds came to town, you always made sure you were wearing a coat and tie! Here is FCC Chairman Richard Wiley alongside David Brown from WTVL-AM/FM-Waterville—on the site

WVII-TV Control Room Of The Past!

It may look like NORAD—or remind some of the bridge on the Starship Enterprise (ahem) but it is Master Control at ABC affiliate WVII-TV in Bangor on March 27, 1985.

WMTW Memorabilia-Back In The Day

I’m thinking that this photo is from a past MAB convention, where some vintage items were displayed for members to see. An old Radio/TV Yearbook, a Western Union telegram, what

Broadcasting Golfers?

Check out this photo from the MAB Archives—–considering the source, I’m guessing these are broadcasters, but I cannot ID any of these gentlemen, nor the course they are on. The

WGUY–Inside The Studio A While Ago!

Combine a Black & White snapshot with a rotary-pot console–and it’s off down memory lane! All I know is that this is WGUY radio–thinking the mid-80’s, but that’s all I