Advertising Law Library

As a broadcaster, you need to know the facts. Here’s where you can find a lot of facts in one place — from documents you can download, to links to important websites.

If you have a question about Maine law as it relates to broadcasting, here are some resources that may provide you with answers or guidance.

Maine Law: This is the granddaddy of sites. You can search for information about every law on the books in Maine. You can search by “title,” “phrase,” or “text,” or any combination thereof. Maine laws.

Need information about corporate or business taxes in Maine? Visit Maine Revenue Services.

Maine Election Laws:
What are the laws regarding elections in Maine? Maine Election Law

Mark Levy’s political rate calculator is here.

What are Maine’s rules regarding the use of the Internet by politicans? Candidate related Internet use — a policy statement from the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices.

In 2010, the state of Maine gave over $6.3 million to candidates. Put differently, the state of Maine was the single largest contributor to political coffers…and thus the purchase of political ads! Maine Clean Election Act

Who has qualified for the primary or general elections? The Secretary of State’s website lists the players. To view candidates’ and PACs’ spending reports, visit the Maine Ethics Commission.