Hall of Fame Broadcaster Rick Snyder Passes

Hall of Fame Broadcaster Rick Snyder Passes

Long-time Maine broadcaster Rick Snyder has passed away at the age of 82.

As this is written, specific details on the life of this Maine Broadcast Hall of Famer are still being assembled, but a few highlights include:

DJ at WTRY in Troy, New York, host of the ground-breaking “Snyder & Snyder” morning show at WLOB-AM (which garnered 40+ shares in Portland), GM at WJBQ-FM/Portland, Account Executive at WHOM-FM, and positions in Television in Florida.

Rick was a passionate radio guy, a talented broadcaster–and a DAMN funny man! He was always interested in what YOU were doing, always had a huge smile on his face–and was a friend and mentor to countless broadcasters. He met many icons of the music business, from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones and was in the center of everything for decades.

He passed that talent on to his children, too.

His son, Rob Snyder (“Rob Steele”) -former WJBQ DJ and now Production Director for Townsquare Media in New England is a huge talent. His daughter, Dawn was in the radio business for some time, too, on the administrative side–and on the air at WHOM-FM.

There is no way to measure Rick’s contributions to broadcasting in Maine–or to calculate the impact he has had on literally thousands of people who were fortunate enough to call him friend.

Rest in peace, Rick.

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