How to write a broadcast ad

Wondering whether you should advertise your business or service?

Business could always be better!  And the best way to find customers for your business is to advertise.  Account executives at Maine radio and TV stations can help you develop a marketing plan to drive business your way.

Why should I advertise?

Because people move, and their shopping patterns and habits change.  Or they go looking for new suppliers for the goods and services they use.  And because it often takes people quite a long time to make a major buying decision, you want to be “top of mind” when

they start thinking about a purchase, and when they decide it’s time to buy.

Today’s consumers are skeptical, busy, confused.According to a study by Chilton Research, when consumers are considering a major purchase,

  • 15% bought within the first three months
  • 24% bought within four to six months
  • 34% bought within seven to twelve months
  • 27% bought more than 12 months later.

A consistent long-term advertising program will keep your business front-and-center in the consumer’s mind.

The Radio Advertising Bureau ( and the Television Bureau of Advertising ( have some excellent information on the pluses and minuses of various advertising media.

Where do I begin?

All Maine radio and television stations will be happy to help you create an ad.

But before you hire the helicopter for the aerial shot or contract with the Rolling Stones for the soundtrack, there are a few other, more important issues to consider.

We recommend that you spend some time at the website. There’s a lot of homework to be done and decisions to be made before you buy an ad.  Following these guidelines will help insure that you get the maximum return on your broadcast ad investment.