One of the most important missions of the MAB is to be a watchdog against laws that would be detrimental to the broadcast industry in Maine—and on rare occasions, advocate for those bills that would be beneficial to Maine Radio and TV broadcasters.

The NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) does a great job in tandem with the MAB on the National scene in Washington, but it is the Maine Association of Broadcasters that must keep an eagle-eye out in Augusta. Our members are consumed with operating their stations and serving their communities—and often cannot be aware of destructive legislation being proposed at the State House.

Every session, there are bills proposed that would tax advertising, restrict the public’s right to know, restrict the freedom of information and even a proposed change in our Time Zone that would be harmful to Maine broadcasters—and the communities they serve as well. These proposed laws must be stopped before they can make their way to the Blaine House for the Governor’s signature—and the MAB is there to keep track of all legislation that affects broadcasters.

Member dues are dedicated to keeping a vigilant eye on Maine lawmakers—as the economic vitality of Maine broadcasters goes hand-in-hand with our ability to serve our communities and deliver news, information and entertainment to the Pine Tree State.