Political Update

The Maine Association of Broadcasters represents broadcasters’ interests in Washington and Augusta.

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Where does the MAB stand on key issues?

Broadcasters have always had a close relationship with elected officials. State and federal candidates depend on radio and TV to take their messages to the voters during every election period. Candidates and incumbents seek positive exposure in news and public affairs programming. Voters turn to radio and TV for debates and commercials to learn about candidates and to help them decide how to cast their ballots.

Broadcasters are required by law to provide candidates with discounted advertising rates and ensure that candidates have access to the airwaves, even at the expense of other advertisers. Federal and state politicians create laws that directly impact the daily operations of radio and television stations.

Ironically, broadcasters and politicians have more in common than they have differences. In the end, both broadcasters and politicians serve the public yet rely on their popularity with the public for their continued existence. It is no wonder that broadcasters and politicians work together so often on issues of community concern.