Station Directory

Over 140 radio and TV stations are MAB members

MAB no longer publishes a printed station directory, since all of the information is available online.

The MAB is very proud of its members. Proud because the MAB is consistenly at the top of a very important measurement. When it comes to seeing which state broadcast association has the highest percentage of stations as members, the MAB is near the top!

With over 95% of the broadcast stations in Maine enrolled in the MAB, the Maine

 Association of Broadcasters truly speaks for the broadcast industry in Maine.

100% of the high-power TV stations in Maine are members of the MAB.

This outstanding record is a tribute to the hard work, impressive results, and proactive mindset that the MAB staff provides. But it is also a tribute to the insight and progressive thinking of the broadcasters in Maine. Without the support of the radio and TV stations in Maine, there would be no MAB.

Maine broadcasters look to the MAB to provide the leadership on a host of subjects, especially in the political arena. The 2002 override of Governor King’s veto of a broadcast bill was a stunning victory and set a new tone for the MAB.

As the trade association for the broadcasters of Maine, the MAB is committed to seeking partnerships and programs that will help member stations grow, prosper, and shape the future of Maine.