WGAN-TV Tower-Tallest In The World-Back In The Day!

Creighton Gatchell of WGAN with “Miss Tall Tower”!

Check out the dedication of WGAN-TV’s (now WGME-TV)in Raymond, Maine–believe the year was 1959. According to the 1999 Guiness Book of World Records, the nearly 500 meter tower (1,619 feet) was the world’s tallest architectural structure at the time. The record was surpassed a year later by KFVS-TV’s structure in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. It remained Maine’s tallest structure WMTW’s tower construction in 2002.

Check out the photo of Creighton Gatchell alongside “Miss Tall Tower”!! If you know who this lady is, please comment below. Channel 13 still broadcasts from this tower, as does WBLM-FM

WGAN-TV’s call letters were changed to WGME (standing for “We’re Gannett of Maine”-the owner at the time) in 1983. The station is now owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group

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