Public Education Partnership

You may have seen or heard the spots with the tag line that goes something like, “…Aired in cooperation with the Maine Association of Broadcasters and this station.”  These are our “PEP spots.”

The Public Education Partnership, or PEP (known in some states as the Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement Program), is a unique partnership between state broadcast trade associations, the broadcast stations they represent, and the government and non-profit communities.

With the help of Maine broadcast stations, the MAB is able to provide the public with

 timely and important information, while helping qualifying agencies save tax or donor dollars on the production and distribution of their announcements. Through this program, participating agencies are provided with a comprehensive report of their PEP activities, clearly demonstrating the power and impact of broadcasting in Maine.

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FOR QUALIFYING ORGANIZATIONS OR AGENCIES:  Under the PEP program, stations donate broadcast time to MAB, which then sells the time to qualifying entities on a discounted basis.  In exchange for a grant paid to MAB by the sponsoring entity, MAB contractually warrants that it will deliver at least 3X the grant funds in airtime value from participating stations.  Stations provide reports to MAB that include the value of the spot aired by each participating station. With these reports, agencies are able to monitor the public reception and success of their programs, as well as the value of the airtime delivered. MAB uses the grant funds to cover the cost of administering the program, distributing the spots, and providing additional services to the broadcasters and residents of Maine, including funding the numerous scholarship grants we make to Maine colleges and universities each year.

Current and recent PEP sponsors include the Maine Army National Guard and the United States Coast Guard, the Maine CDC’s Immunization Program and Breast & Cervical Health Program, the Maine Fire Marshal’s Office, the Maine Drinking Water Security Program, the Maine Emergency Management Agency, Maine Veterans Homes, 2-1-1 Maine, and SCORE – The Service Corps of Retired Executives.  Qualifying entities include government agencies and nonprofit organizations which have reach-and-frequency needs beyond that afforded by a standard public-service-announcement campaign, but which do not have the resources to conduct a direct advertising buy.

For more information on how the PEP program can benefit your organization, contact Tim Moore: 

FOR STATIONS:  The Maine Association of Broadcasters is your partner in fulfilling your commitment to public service. Airing MAB’s PEP campaigns is an ideal way for radio and TV stations to fulfill their obligation to operate in the public interest. With the help of the MAB, participating stations are assured that the PEP announcements they broadcast deal with current and important issues facing the state of Maine and its people. By taking part in this program, you can provide your audience with the latest public service information available and help the MAB in developing programs that better serve its members and the public. The PEP program helps make the MAB a stronger voice for Maine broadcasters.

Participation demonstrates the commitment of the broadcasting industry to public service and strengthens the Maine Association of Broadcasters’ ability to work for you. For more information, or to have the latest spots sent to you, contact Tim Moore at: