Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

This program provides broadcasters with a “test run” of an FCC inspection.

The FCC recognizes a program that allows broadcasters to avoid “surprise” FCC inspections. By participating in the state broadcasting association-sponsored “alternative broadcast inspection program,” or ABIP, broadcasters can find out if they have overlooked any FCC rules, and then, once in compliance, avoid most FCC inspections for three years. NOTE: The FCC always reserves the right to inspect stations, and in fact will continue to inspect stations for specific issues that the FCC believes to be a “universal” problem, or for which a specific complaint has been received about a station.

The MAB has sponsored an Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program for several years, and both the organization and the members have been pleased with the results. In some cases stations were alerted to shortcomings that they were not aware of. In other cases stations were recognized for running a “tight ship.”

Participation in the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program is voluntary and is open to all broadcasters in Maine.

Here are the ABIP station agreement and instructions.